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We appreciate the time that our tutors devote to helping the students. In order to make this process easier, we post thoughtful contributions from our tutors intended to assist new and current tutors to enhance their literacy tutoring skills. Websites in particular that our tutors come back to time and time again can be found on the right.

Browse through our tips for tutors here or on our blog to discover resources, tips and tricks for developing your literacy student's lesson plans and sharpening your skills.


Discovery Channel’s Puzzle Maker June 25, 2013 - Discovery Channel's Puzzlemaker tool is a wonderful resource for making fun puzzles and games using words of your choosing.
ESL Cafe June 24, 2013 - ESL Cafe offers student discussion forums, tutor discussion forums, an idea cookbook, ESL chat rooms (only English is spoken), quizzes, quotes, hints-of-the-day, and more.       Visit Dave's ESL Cafe
When Accents Get In the Way May 28, 2013 - Q. My student has a very thick accent and I have a very difficult time understanding what he is saying. We have met three times and A. I don't want to discourage or offend him by having to keep asking him to repeat himself. I'm afraid he's getting frustrated. What should I do? Explain and
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Roles & Goals May 28, 2013 - We all know its easier to achieve a goal if you have clearly identified it. A literacy resource recently came to our attention that addresses this very important step in the literacy process. The California Library Literacy Services broke out common literacy roles such as "Life-Long Learner" and "Worker" and goals such as "Write a
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Tutor Tips Spring 2013 May 20, 2013 - Using Books: Nancy Hinz is tutoring a South Korean student, Joon Hee, and said that the two of them read books by a South Korean author together. They are at a middle or junior high school level. Nancy suggests that the books by Sook Nyui Choi should be read in the following order: Year of Impossible Goodbyes, Echoes of the White Giraffe, and
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